Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Writing activity vocab

WALT- use new vocabulary in our writing to make it more interesting

          surreal             unbelievable           gooey              drenched        
taste buds                     smothered                    

Imagine you have just walked into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.
What can you see?delicious  striped candy canes and sweet tasting lollipops   
What can you smell?scrumptious chocolate melting
What can you hear?extraordinary umpa lumpas  
What can you taste? (Or what WILL you taste?)  taste explosion popping candy in my mouth  

- try and use as many of the Hot Spot words as possible
- paint a picture for your reader. Take them on a journey with your words
I walked into the factory and the whole thing seemed surreal. I couldn’t believe what I could see……… chocolate rivers and waterfalls and umpa lumpas were singing while doing their job the bushes are mints the walk paths are peppermint candy canes are snorkels. Trees grow giant lollipops with lemonade and bridges have goody goody gumdrops on them the computers are black licorice mushrooms are bouncy like trampoline they taste like candyfloss stones and rocks taste like popping candy in your mouths.