Friday, February 27, 2015


Image result for kinas and crayfish
Image result for kinas and crayfish  In the holidays my family and I went to diving .My dad,my uncle,my cousin and I dove really deep for crayfish. But I didn’t follow my dad I looked under other rocks to find kina and paua’s  and big crabs. We all came onto the beach near the cars I counted them all I got 30 kinas and 10 pauas an 2 crayfish my  dad got 140 kinas 24 pauas and 4 crayfish. uncle was a bit of a waste of a time cause he got nothing. We all went home  and the meanest fed ever

By Jayden

Friday, February 20, 2015

My highlight from the holidays

In the holidays I was playing with my puppy grizzly and my dog boss and I was playing call of duty black ops two online with a head set so my friends with head sets to I can talk to them and mute the other players It stinks when they talk because It's glitchy.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

swimming sports day

At swimming everyone that was in the Nui went for house swimming  competitions there had to be four people in each team. It was fun for a little while then It got colder and colder nearly everyone  got out.  I got out on the event when we had to run in the water first event we had to walk with an egg on a wooden spoon. The egg was made out of wood to we had to go to the middle and walk in a circle then change hands and pass to the next person on the other side on your team. Second event we had to push the soccer ball till we got to the middle we had make the ball go in circles again when some of us were freezing on the the side of the pool next event Mr Ford told us we had to do a belly flop and we got a flutter board and kicked our way to the other side the person who Is last they have to put the color cone on their head and hold the flutter head above there head in the water the second to last event was you had to carry a baton underneath your neck you got to hold It with your  chin and when you get to the other side the person that's in the line the next event is running as fast as you can to the other side.