Monday, November 17, 2014

TV or internet

TV ads are better because when the program is finished you will see this ad and parents don’t have to worry that will pop up on internet random things just pop up on the screen

Television prices are low the television play by the rules  when the program is finished you  will see an ad.  This gives you lots of choices about the time you can advertise.  If you want the children to see your ad, you can advertise it during the children's programmes.

There are rules about what you can advertise on TV.   The internet don’t play by the rules because they let you skip the ad in five seconds.  This is no help if you want people to see your ads.  They just skip them all.   The tv ads don’t they show important stuff we need to know at the perfect time.

Advertising on TV would be the best idea for your product.  It is safer because there are rules about advertising on TV that will protect the viewers.  We want your product to be popular and this is the best way to advertise it.