Thursday, October 23, 2014

Using equal addition

equal.pngWrite a word problem to show when this would be a good strategy to use.

Hugh had $487 he spent all the money on a new car I had $252 on a motor bike for my dad

+13    +13


Using place value

place value.png

Make an explain everything on the ipad about how to use this strategy.


My Blood story

When I was younger I went to my other nans house to stay the weekend.  On Saturday my papa told me to grab the butcher knife so he could cut something.  I went into the kitchen and took the large butcher knife.   I decided to play with it I chucked it around and started to test if it was sharp by running the knife along my hand.   But I pushed down too hard and I cut my hand diagonally the blood was dripping down my hand I ran and said look there’s blood on my hand Nan.

Nan told me to wait in the kitchen until she  gets a plaster for me.The blood was dripping on the kitchen floor. I told nan to hurry up she took for ever. After 10 minutes she finally came into the kitchen with my plaster she put it on straight away and put a  bandage on my hand. The cat and dog licked the blood off the floor  that dripped off my hand.