Wednesday, September 24, 2014

optimist yachting week

on Monday I went optimist yachting with room 21 and my class room 10 went first on the kayak I was nearly last then I came last when I went under the bridge my paddle hit the bridge once then I crashed into the rocks miss Hill was waiting for me then she saw me around the corner and then I crashed into two boats then I got told to wait by one of the boats that I crashed into and then I got bored then I jumped off my kayak because I was bored everyone said did you capsize I keep on saying no I jumped off my kayak.

the next day I missed the bus and I went with room 11 to optimist yachting room 11 left at half past twelve my buddy was Dylan harmer we were going fast but we did not turn because we did not realise our rudder or tiller was not down then we got told that and then we started to really slow down because we couldn't turn it sucked finally I got some wind and then I went back to shore and then everyone went kayaking we went kayaking to the other bridge instead of the bridge that goes to boats and we went for a little swim I was having a race with Boston dad called Nathan I wasted him by miles wow maybe not by miles because of the current was rough most of the room 7 people got stuck underneath bridge.

on Wednesday I was buddies with Jared it fun going on the kayaks together because we touched all the buoys in the water it took us forever to touch the white buoy we had turn three times and then we went back to shore because I ask a parent if they wanted go yachting with me so he said yes but we didn't have any wind  but we also didn't have the right balance because we were about to sink or capsize and like ten minutes more  Mr Ford asked me if I had rid a yacht by my self I said no I haven’t before so I had a go it was real fun going faster than ever first I wanted to go fast and then fast as than Mrs Roil say good boy Jt I started to go faster and then I made a u turn  and nearly capsize so I learn over to starboard and I went back to normal and two parents said time to go because they both had enough  miss Hill said stay out guys then Jared in room 10 crashes into me twice and Luke and I were going real fast then I make another u turn and started to go on a angle all the way back to shore I nearly capsize like five times in a row then the next minute Jared comes again  and crashes into me oh no I was about to park into the gap that was there then I got into shore to change my clothes after that I said my self that was so awesome.


  1. Great Job JT. I like how you added who your buddies are . Keep up the good work.


  2. Look like you had fun you must of been the expert