Thursday, June 12, 2014

The monster house

This book explains about the monster house because I was trying to let the audience know that it was set in the city. The season is winter and the tree has no leaf’s and the chimney has smoke coming out nobody's going outside to play.  Who will be attracted to read this book?

The idea behind my illustration was a house that looked normal but its really a monster.  A reader could tell this by looking closely at the picture.  It has a crack in the door and the colours I have used are dark and dull. They make the picture look mysterious and spooky.

The title describes what the book is about.  The letters in the title look like bones which makes the reader think that the book might be about bones.  The colour of the letters is red which makes the reader think of blood and meat.
I put the letters at the top of the page and made them bright so they stands out.  When titles stand out and the letters aren't blocking the picture, the reader can see what the book is about.

I think people that are seven and over should read this book because it’s not suitable for younger people because they might get scared.  If the reader is over seven they will like this book because.